Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Billionaires' Wet Nurse 4: Patsy's Pool Party

The Billionaires' Wet Nurse 4: Patsy's Pool Party
Milkmaids Make Out Vol 4
by Jade Bleu

Contemporary / lactation / billionaire/ Multipartner/ Gangbang

An erotic lactation story featuring characters 18 years and older…

He made me add fresh cream to the guest’s party beverages! I owed a billionaire big time after crashing into his car—and he made me pay in the kinkiest way imaginable. I would be his fresh milk hucow, giving rich male guests creamy, poolside treats. Once they got me in the water with my cream spurting out of control, the party really heated up.


I felt him working at my bikini bottoms, sliding them down, and then they were gone. Laughter and splashing increased in the pool, but I felt secluded behind the sheet of the waterfall. He freed himself from his swimsuit, his cock thick and long, and grabbed my hips. He thrust that monster inside me so hard I lost my grip on the pool edge. I flung my arms around his neck, and Quentin held onto the edge while he rode me. He bent his head, lapping at my nipples, while his hips jammed forward, sending his bare cock deep. The stimulation of his tongue combined with our fucking brought on another eruption, and my milk let down. It shot between us, clouding the pool water, and with greedy, slurping noises, he gulped as much as he could. He thrust harder, bouncing me on his hard shaft, and I couldn’t help myself. I cried out and let go, my pussy clenching and releasing over and over.
The slutty moan when I came gave us away. Two men came in under the falls, joining us just as Quentin stiffened up and shot his load. With horny grunts, he filled me with hot cream as he drank down more of mine. His mouth on my tits was heaven, and the more he sucked, the fuller they felt. I wanted more of my milk sucked out of me that way. He pulled his dick out, though, and backed away.
“More,” I said, not even caring that the other guys were there.
“As much as you want,” Quentin said. “Beg me for it.”
“Please,” I said, taking hold of my breast to entice him. “Drain me dry.”

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