Friday, October 14, 2016

Daddy's Halloween Treat

Daddy's Halloween Treat
by Jade Bleu
Short Fiction / Erotica / Contemporary / Taboo / Holiday / Spanking

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She disguises herself in a costume she hopes will lure her taboo man into a sexy daddy fantasy! A naughty game of trick-or-treat might finally get Annie what she wants most—a wild ride on her hot and horny stepdaddy. But does Daddy know he’s being tricked?

An erotic short featuring a sexy Halloween costume, a taboo daddy spanking for a naughty girl, and a hard ramming with unprotected creampie.


I reached out and ran my fingers through the whip tails dangling between us. “I’m not opposed to delivering sound discipline when necessary.”

His eyes managed to darken further. “And what about receiving it? Will you take a good spanking when it’s deserved?”

Warning bells went off in the back of my head. “That depends. What did I do wrong?”

The way he started caressing the leather tails got my cunt throbbing. “Well, you were late for your ride with Annie.” His eyes shot up from the whip to burn through mine. “And I could mention that this outfit is far too adult to waste on high school boys.”

He let the ends of the whip brush down my collarbone and over the top of one breast. I stood there mute as a statue, my skin burning for him. “Illegal, too,” he went on, “if that naughty college girl was planning on seducing someone underage at that party.”

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