Friday, May 26, 2017

Giving Her My Big Fat Greek Diving Team

Giving Her My Big Fat Greek Diving Team
Jade Bleu
Contemporary / Gangbang / DP with anal/ Unprotected creampie

We all dove in when she showed off that bikini body! The coach’s daughter showed up during practice and criticized our technique. I decided we should all give her a hot, hard diving lesson of her own until she judged us by the score we deserved.

An erotic short featuring multipartner rough ramming, DP with rear entry, and raw, unprotected creampie.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Werewolf Claimed Me Rough #2: Out on the Sandy Beach

A Werewolf Claimed Me Rough #2: Out on the Sandy Beach
Jade Bleu
Paranormal-Shifter / Unprotected Creampie / Rough Penetration / Stranger

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I pleasured myself on the beach and was claimed! 
I thought my little stretch of beach was private when I reached inside my bikini, but it turns out that a hungry, hunky wolf was watching. He changed into a sexy man, hot and ready to pound me under a full moon while waves pounded the shore.

An erotic short featuring rough, raw, werewolf creampie from a stranger on the beach.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Make Me a MILF 2: Janie's Hot Date

Make Me a MILF 2: Janie's Hot Date
Contemporary/ Breeding / Unprotected Creampie/ Rough/ Public exhibition

She gets taken fertile right in the coffee house! 

Janie’s blind date is sexy as hell, but all he seems to want to do is chat her up over coffee. When he finds out she wants to ditch him to meet up with friends, he gives her what for by bending her over the table right there. He leaves a rough, fertile deposit that will turn her into a MILF—while baristas and customers watch in shock.

An erotic short featuring rough public sex and fertile fun on a first date.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Vampire Dom #1: Susie's Surprise

My Vampire Dom #1: Susie's Surprise
by Jade Bleu
Hot Bites #2
Paranormal-Vampire / BDSM-Bondage, spanking/DP / First anal/ Rough and raw/Unprotected

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I saw he had a dark side, but I had no idea how rough he wanted to give it to me!
When the sexy stranger started paying attention to me, I’d never felt more unsettled—or willing to give a man everything. He turned out to be more than a man, and he wanted to take more than everything. He wanted to dominate me and sink in his fangs while I screamed and begged…for more.

An erotic short featuring BDSM (spanking,bondage), DP with first time anal, and raw, rough, unprotected vampire sex