Friday, June 3, 2016

Bought by a Billionaire

Contemporary / spanking / multiple partners 

I invaded his privacy, so he invaded my backside! I snuck onto the estate of a hot, elusive billionaire in hopes of selling his photo, and I got a lot more for the money instead. Jackson and his security team caught me doing my dirty deed and decided to give me a hard, rough lesson about trespassing in places I didn’t belong. Or did I?

An erotic short featuring multipartner sex, spanking, first time rear entry.


“Suck it, virgin bitch,” he said, thrusting a long, narrow pink cock between my lips.
I took him in as best I could, gagging when he hit the back of my throat, crying out around that meat while hard, stinging slaps hit both ass cheeks at once. Two of them were spanking me now, and my ass burned like fire. Cool water hit the burn every now and then, as one or the other scooped handfuls from the pool and poured it over my round buttocks, easing the fire from my well-deserved spanking.
Fingers pushed aside my thong, working their way up my now dripping cunt. I wriggled and bucked against that hand, not even knowing whose it was, while I licked another stranger’s balls and squeezed his throbbing meat. Precum seeped from the tip of his knob, and I eagerly lapped it up.
My ass cheeks were being spread wide, and a tongue flicked out, lashing all along my slit, poking into my puckered hole. I wriggled and moaned like a whore, even when a finger got shoved up my ass. Maybe they’d been right about me. I was a virgin after all, in one thing, at least. No one had ever breached my back door before. I wasn’t sure about it, but god, as much as my tender ass stung from being smacked, no matter how shocking it was that I was laid out for the pleasure of four guys I’d never met, why not give into one more dirty deed?
Jackson was the one who moved in between my cheeks, I knew it without looking. It was right that he should be the one to invade my ass since I’d invaded his privacy.
“That’s right, little slut,” he said, working his fat tip against my hole. “Moan for me. Tell me you want me to ass fuck you.”
“I want it in my ass.”
The slap came as a surprise. “You want it in your ass what?”
“Sir!” My skin throbbed like hell. “Fuck my ass, sir. I deserve it for climbing over that wall.”
“Damn right you do.”

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