Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Her Full Body Search

Her Full Body Search
Jade Bleu

Contemporary / Gangbang / Double penetration /Anal/ Spanking-punishment

Airport security scanned my body and took possession of my curves! After the X-ray detector revealed not only what was beneath my clothes, but the naughty secret hidden in my carry-on bag, I was pulled to the back room for an investigation—and the hot, horny guards were very thorough. After a demonstration of my sex toys, they took turns giving me a full body search and punishing me for being such a sexy distraction from their work.

The dark man hefted my suitcase up onto the desk, unzipped it, and flipped open the lid. I swallowed hard at the nasty assortment of goodies they were getting an eyeful. They probably thought I was either a porn star or a hooker.
“Quite an interesting X-ray scan you treated us all to,” the dark man said.
“Metal weapons are prohibited on flights,” the blond added, reaching in and extracting a long, silvery cylinder.
“That’s not a weapon!” I exclaimed. “It’s, uh, the Liberator. One of my best-selling products.”
He eyed the long shaft with the bullet-shaped head. “It is a weapon, depending on how you look at it.”
He thumbed a switch and the vibrator turned on, the buzzing breaking silence in the room. Perspiration broke out on my brow as the four men eyed me with expressions I couldn’t quite fathom. I was in trouble, that much was clear. But what kind, and exactly what they planned to do about it, remained to be seen.
One of the other, sinfully sexy guards reached in and lifted out a pair of red thong panties. “Going somewhere special with all this?” he asked.
“It’s for my business,” I said. “But it’s not what you think.”
He snorted. “Oh, I’m sure it’s exactly what we think.”
“I sell toys,” I said, shifting my weight from one foot to the other. “Those are all sample items that I use for demonstration at my hostess parties.”
A pair of handcuffs came out next, and the blond spun them around a large finger. Glances were traded, and his brows lifted. “So prove it. Demonstrate.”
“What, now? Are you serious?”
His smoldering eyes darkened. “Do we somehow not look serious?”
My eyes darted between all the men, who stood staring at me. I smoothed my skirt, which didn’t quite stretch down to mid-thigh, and cleared my throat.
“Well,” I said, pointing at the bag. “If I may?”
He nodded, and I reached in for one of the items. “This is the Spank-Me-Good twelve-inch paddle.” I affected my most businesslike tone and slapped the thing against my palm. “Padded leather, soft, but delivers a solid sting and satisfying sound.” I tossed it back and grabbed another object, stretching the pink rubber ring between my fingers. “This is the Bliss-3-Ways vibrating cock ring, usable either on cock, tongue, or fingers.”
I started to put it back, but the blond reached over and grabbed my wrist. “I said demonstrate.”

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