Sunday, April 3, 2016

Daddy's Schoolgirl Spanking

(Alternately published as Sasha's First Spanking)
School’s Hard Vol 1
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Spank erotica/stepfather/discipline/pleasure denial/school erotica

Sasha may be a spoiled brat, but she’s always been Daddy’s princess. When he becomes the principal of the girl’s high school, however, he finds out just what his stepdaughter’s been up to…and the punishment he has in mind is strict and hands-on.
An erotic short story (featuring characters 18 and older)...


My fingers trembled while I slid my panties over my ass, conscious of him behind me while I let the skimpy satin drop to my ankles. Then I stood there, waiting.
“I told you to bend over.”
My knees locked. “I don’t want a spanking.”
He pushed me down firmly. “No bratty shit. Do as you’re told.”
I laid down flat, wriggling into position, glad for the welcome coolness of the desk against my burning face.
“Skirt up,” he commanded.
I complied, embarrassed and yet intrigued while I raised the blue plaid schoolgirl uniform. My heart skipped a beat. He could see my bare ass, something he hadn’t been privy to since I was like six. I found myself wondering what he thought of it.
The swat was hard, harder than I pictured. He spanked me with force, the slap sending me higher up the desk.
Another one came and I cried out. “Ouch!”
Number three exploded my ass into a firestorm of pain. “Daddy, please!”
“Quiet.” A fourth stroke came, and tears welled up.
I cried for real, sniffling and mascara on the desk and everything. “I’m sorry!” I said, my voice shaking.
That stopped the paddle, but he didn’t walk away. He bent over me, a hand on either side of my squashed tits, to whisper in my ear.
“Do you have any idea what I went through when I saw you on that video? “Watching you fuck that boy in a dirty, nasty bathroom.”
There was something in his tone, something dark, distracted. Something not my daddy.
I sniffed louder. “It was bad. I’m sorry.”
That’s when he pressed his body against me, and I could feel his crotch on my burning, throbbing ass. I sucked in a breath. Was I imagining the stiff bulge in his pants?
“I realized what I was seeing was my own fault,” he said, and now he made a point of rubbing himself against my sore bottom. “I’ve spoiled you rotten and didn’t teach you right.”
Fuck, his dick was hard.

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