Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bitten by the Hot Neighbor

Bitten by the Hot Neighbor
by Jade Bleu
Hot Bites #1
Paranormal-Vampire / DP / First anal/ Rough and raw/Unprotected/ Extra sex organ

The neighbor has a dark secret that he gives to her rough!
Darlene had long wondered about her seductive neighbor’s weird schedule and the endless stream of women he brings home. Then one night, he opens the blackout curtains and lets her see the truth—and his fangs—before summoning her to his door. She finds out that he has more to offer than a bite when he gives her a rough double ride with his unique anatomy and leaves a set of marks in her neck that she’ll never forget.

An erotic short featuring DP with first time anal, extra sex organs, and raw, rough, unprotected vampire sex

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