Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Werewolf Bred Me! #2: Date Crasher

A Werewolf Bred Me! #2: Date Crasher
(Also released as: A Werewolf Found Me Fertile! #2: Date Crasher)
Jade Bleu
Paranormal-Shifter / Breeding-Unprotected Creampie / Rough Penetration / Stranger

He filled me with his seed after saving me from a bad date! I thought it was my annoyed yelling at the lookout spot that attracted the attention of the sexy, snarling male who sent my all-hands date packing. As it turns out, my rescuer was far more interested in my fertile scent and his animal urge to do something about it under the full moon. My date may have pawed me more than I wanted, but my hero had fangs—and I was about to be taken rough and fertilized with his hot, supernatural masculinity.

An erotic short featuring werewolf seed and rough, raw, unprotected creampie with a stranger on a cliff.

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