Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Werewolf Bred Me! #3: Party Animal

A Werewolf Bred Me! #3: Party Animal
(Also released as: A Werewolf Found Me Fertile! #3: Party Animal)
Jade Bleu
Paranormal-Shifter / Breeding-Unprotected Creampie / Rough Penetration / Stranger

He filled me with his seed after saving me from a frat party! Of all the stupid things my friend had talked me into, going to a party at the infamous frat house was the craziest. I wasn’t prepared to take part in the drunken sex orgy that followed—or so I thought. When a sexy stranger spared me from getting groped, we were locked in a closet together and left to our own devices. Turned out I was far more interested in being groped than I’d thought if my golden-eyed rescuer was the one doing it. I would be taken rough and fertilized with his hot seed right then and there—and I became the wildest thing at that party.

An erotic short featuring werewolf seed and rough, raw, unprotected creampie with a stranger in a closet.

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