Friday, March 17, 2017

Cream of the Crop #3: Betsy's Boss

Cream of the Crop #3: Betsy's Boss
by Jade Bleu
Short Fiction / Contemporary Erotica / Lactation Hucow / BDSM-whipping, blindfold / Gangbang DP with anal / Creampie /Bukkake /Strangers

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He whips the cream of his uptight, overfull employee into shape!

Betsy can’t concentrate on work because her breasts are full and in desperate need of relief. Her sexy boss, along with chairmen of the board, take matters in hand by whipping her creamy treats into a froth right in the conference room.

An erotic short featuring hucow creamy puddings, BDSM with a spanking/crop/blindfold, and mulitpartner, unprotected creampie.

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