Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Vampire Dom #1: Susie's Surprise

My Vampire Dom #1: Susie's Surprise
by Jade Bleu

Paranormal-Vampire / BDSM-Bondage, spanking/DP / First anal/ Rough and raw/Unprotected

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I saw he had a dark side, but I had no idea how rough he wanted to give it to me!
When the sexy stranger started paying attention to me, I’d never felt more unsettled—or willing to give a man everything. He turned out to be more than a man, and he wanted to take more than everything. He wanted to dominate me and sink in his fangs while I screamed and begged…for more.

An erotic short featuring BDSM (spanking,bondage), DP with first time anal, and raw, rough, unprotected vampire sex

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