Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Vampire Dom #2: Chloe's Debt

My Vampire Dom #2: Chloe's Debt
by Jade Bleu

Paranormal-Vampire / BDSM-Bondage, spanking/ DP / First anal/ Rough and raw/Unprotected /Sex machine

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I planned to repay the loan, but I had no idea how rough he would settle the debt!
Needing money as bad as I did, I ignored warnings about getting it from the rich, inhumanly gorgeous man with ice-blue eyes. I was shocked when he demanded repayment immediately, and not in the form of cash. He’d call the debt paid if I let him dominate me and sink in the sharp fangs that proved he was much more than a wealthy “man.”

An erotic short featuring BDSM (spanking,bondage), DP with first time anal, a sex machine, and raw, rough, unprotected vampire sex

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