Saturday, April 16, 2016

Naughty Professors Get Spanked!

School’s Hard Vol 4
Contemporary / spank erotica/professor and principal have sex/ teacher gets disciplined/school erotica/ double penetration

An erotic short story...

SPANKED! Rumors of hands-on discipline by the sexy new principal has Ms. Foster appalled—and secretly intrigued. She’s not much older than the senior girls lining up to lift their skirts to his paddle, but as another new faculty member, she decides she should be the one to confront Mr. James about spanking. She’s about to find out that lessons in discipline aren’t only for students, but for hot, naughty instructors who challenge the gorgeous principal’s policies.


“Turn around.”
“Hand on the desk. Thighs spread.”
“I’m not going to do that.”
He grabbed the paddle and whacked it on the edge of the desk. “Now, Ms. Foster. You want to know how barbaric my methods are. I’d say it’s past time for you to find out.”
He turned me around then and bent me over. I was in shock, not sure whether to scream or give in to the hot rush of heat in my abdomen. His hands pulled up my skirt, and he gave an approving moan.
“Sheer pantyhose,” he said. “That’ll make this easy.”
The paddle shot out and landed on my ass, and I jumped. It stung more on my barely-covered cheeks than it had my own hand.
Another swat. “You’ve been bad, Ms. Foster. Admit it.”
The next paddle stung like hell and I struggled. He pressed me down with one hand, and I felt the vibrator still clutched in it.
“You carry this vibrator for emergencies?” he asked. “In case you get too horny to wait until you get home, like a respectable teacher might?”
The paddle slapped me three times in rapid succession, and I cried out. “Stop it!”
“You like shoving this vibrator in your cunt out in public,” he repeated, his tone flat.
“No!” Tears of pain mingled with hot embarrassment stung my eyes.
“You’re lying.”
My ass burned from the spanking, but I squirmed as juices flooded my pussy. He was turning me on with all his dirty talk and punishment. No wonder girls were lining up outside like this was the hottest night club in town.
“When did you use this last?” he asked, rubbing the vibrator over my back.
“Today,” I admitted.
The next paddle almost shoved me forward on the desk. “Ouch!”
“Right before I came in here,” I blurted, sniffing back tears. “In the teacher’s bathroom. I was imagining you and I were fucking on that couch.”
The paddling mercifully stopped, but I was still in for it. The vibrator flicked on.
His fingers worked at the back of my nylons, and before I could wonder why, he gave a vicious yank. My pantyhose ripped down the crotch seam, exposing my entire crack. He spat on the vibrator and pushed it against my hole, but not the one that was begging for his cock.
“Oh!” I cried out. “You wouldn’t. You can’t do that.”

His saliva had slicked the tip of the buzzing rod, and he pushed it slowly. “Relax,” he said, as though that were in any way possible. “Breathe.”

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