Friday, April 8, 2016

Spanked for My Sex Tape!

School’s Hard Vol 3
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Spank erotica/anal sex/sex with principal/school erotica

An erotic short story (featuring characters 18 and over)...

SPANKED! Belinda thought she got away with her naughty deed—she videotaped her rival, Sasha, getting banged in a bathroom stall and posted it online for all to see. But the new principal—who turns out to be Sasha’s sexy stepdad—has found out everything, and he’s not only going to give Belinda a taste of her own medicine, but give her backside a punishment she’s not ever going to forget.


If I’d had any doubts that he wanted to ram his cock in me, they were gone when he straightened up and I saw the large bulge in his slacks. I licked my lips.
“Thank you for telling me the truth.” He grabbed the rock-hard stiffy in his pants that I was staring at. “You see how happy that makes me.”
“Yes, sir.” It made me pretty delirious too.
“Stand up.”
I did so readily this time, so fast that it made me dizzy.
He laid the whip on the desk and pulled off his tie. “Open your blouse.”
This was really happening. I was going to fuck the principal.
My fingers trembled while I worked the buttons, trying my best to be seductive about it. My tits popped out, and I offered them proudly.
“Very nice.”
He wound the tie around my head, securing it like a blindfold. I gasped.
“Bend over.”
He pushed me down until my palms were flat on his desk. His hands were up my skirt, and hot, somewhat rough fingers moved around up there until I was wet and aching. He shoved my panties down, and I stepped out of them obediently. He used his knees to spread my legs apart, and I felt my skirt being lifted up to bare my ass. He’d fuck me now, just the way I pictured Johnny fucking me. Except I was bent over this time.
He moved away, and I frowned. What was he doing? I wriggled, uncomfortable all spread and bared like that, not being able to see what he was up to. After what seemed a while, he came back and rubbed the flat of his palm over my ass cheek.
“You’ve been very bad, Belinda,” he said.
“I know.”
“Bad girls need to be punished.”

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