Friday, May 27, 2016

Banged by a Billionaire

Bedding Billionaires Vol 1

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Contemporary / spanking / multiple partners /exhibitionism

Spanked and spunked for being a naughty driver! I rammed into his sexy sports car—so he banged me on the hood to get even! I wasn’t paying attention when I crashed into the back of a Lamborghini driven by the hottest man I’d ever seen. Adam made sure to give me a lesson in driving stick that I’d never forget—right on the steaming hood of our wreck.


I was squirming against the hood now, my wet cunt sopping with thoughts of what the billionaire whose name I didn’t even know would do to me next.
“Spread those luscious thighs.” When I didn’t manage to get them far enough for his liking, he used his knee to shove them apart. “Now ride this stick.”
The gear knob went right up my cunt, the wide knob spreading my waiting hole, and I let out a moan of approval. He fucked me with that shaft, hard and long, my nipples dragging across the hood when his strokes were hard enough to jiggle me around. I grunted with his thrusts, my clit throbbing for relief, and then he spanked me with his open hand, shoving the stick deep, pulling it back, and slapping me while the knob stretched my entrance.
“This is how you ride stick,” he said. “You need rhythm and determination.”
“Fuck yes,” I said tossing my head back so my long, blonde hair flowed almost back over my ass. “Do it. Give me your stick.”
He slapped me harder. “You haven’t even gotten my stick.”
Somehow he left the shaft hanging out of my pussy without it sliding out of my slick juices, and I heard his zipper. I knew he was getting his cock out, and I found myself squirming again, my pussy clenching as I wondered if that dick was anywhere as big as his bank account.
The gear knob pulled out, and I held my breath, waiting for billionaire cock. He rammed it home, holy mother, a thick fatty that pulsed inside me and made me want to shoot off with that first stroke.
“Yes!” I cried out. “Fuck me, big boy. Defile me for defiling your car.”

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