Friday, May 20, 2016

The Billionaires' Wet Nurse Bundle

Milkmaids Make Out Vol 4

Contemporary / lactation / multiple partners /brothers with others

A trio of tantalizing milk fetish erotica…

Three tales of lactating MILFs getting the goods from hot billionaires! Includes The Billionaires' Wet Nurse, Sophie's Choice, and Served by Sarah

An erotic short bundle featuring hucow creamy treats, sex with billionaires, and multipartner creampie.

Excerpt from The Billionaires' Wet Nurse:

...the thought of what I was about to do, combined with the sensual feel of my fingers teasing my nipples, filled my body with need. Hormones did the rest. I felt the strong tingle, the tightening sensation in my tits that warned the floodgates were about to open.
Then I turned around.
“What in the hell?” was all he got out.
Mr. Montgomery sat there in shock, frozen with his eyes wide as milk squirted like tiny jets from a showerhead, covering his face and a suit that was probably worth a month’s salary. I held one breast straight at his mouth, took him by the back of the head, and tugged him forward. He latched on like a champ, and after a quick cough when the sheer force of my milk stream caught him off guard, he grabbed me by the hips and flicked his tongue over my nipple.
I cried out, the other breast still streaming milk between us while he suckled at my teat. He made greedy, suckling pig sounds that turned me on, and I reached for his belt buckle. He clamped a powerful arm around my waist, holding me in place while I breast fed him, gulping down my creamy offering while he himself undid his pants.
God, how good it felt, the relief of emptying my aching breasts while at the same time having the hottest man I’d ever seen attacking me like the first meal he’d had in months. His cock jumped out, and my fingers found it, hot, straining, and massive. It throbbed and swelled, tight and desperate for release just as my tits had been—and as my clit was fast becoming. I dropped down on his lap, my wet panties pressing his cock between us. He growled, biting down on my sensitive nipple, and I tensed up with a little cry.
My other breast had been quite neglected up until this point, and he was about to fix that. He grabbed hold of a huge handful, though much of it spilled over his strong, seeking fingers. He smashed both together and toyed with one while he went to work suckling the other. The jet stream had calmed down, but there was still plenty of milk to be had if he was willing to work for it—and the billionaire had an extraordinary work ethic. His mouth worked that nipple in rhythmic pulls while I squirmed around to get his cock where I’d been fantasizing.

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