Friday, May 6, 2016

The Billionaires' Wet Nurse 2: Sophie's Choice

The Billionaires' Wet Nurse 2: Sophie's Choice
Milkmaids Make Out Vol 2
by Jade Bleu

Contemporary / lactation / billionaire/ multiple partners (MFFM)

Re-lactating for a hot billionaire’s pleasure! I needed cash—bad. When I saw an enticing want ad, I decided to sell part of my body—the milk I once produced in abundance. Just one problem—my supply recently dried up. But the woman who placed the ad claims that she and her employer, who are hiring for his billionaire friend, can get things flowing so I’d get the job. The plan: a strict regimen of milking, pampering, and intense, prolonged orgasms for stress relief. Before long, my choice to become a milk maid to a billionaire will pay off in hot and exotic ways I never imagined.

An erotic short featuring hucow creamy treats and sex with a billionaire while his female assistant helps out.


Becca dialed up the suction once more, and the machine was really going at it, making long, hard pulls on my breasts. My voice took on a breathless quality. “He leans down and kisses me. I’ve wanted it for so long, working for such a sex man while fantasizing what his lips would feel like.”
“I know exactly what that’s like,” Becca said. “Torture.”
I sort of expected it, but it still made me gasp when his lips came down. He tasted like mint and booze, not necessarily in that order, and I let out a little whimper against his mouth. A tongue thrust in, and I felt my thighs gap open while I rolled my tongue around with his. My breasts began a telltale tingle that I hadn’t felt in many months.
He started to pull back, but I reached up and grabbed him, pulling him back, arching my hips. My mouth was eager, hungry, and my moans prompted one of his own. Still, after indulging me for a short while, he pulled back.
“What do you want him to do next?” James whispered.
God, all sorts of wild things flew through my mind, things I would let him do to me on that beach. But part of me knew damn good and well where I really was—and what was available to try if I wanted it.
“He holds me down and spreads my legs,” I said. “He has belts to keep me from moving away from his touch.”
I heard the buckles, and more than one set of hands strapped my arms to the chair. Becca’s seemed oddly rough as I was restrained, though.
“You’re sure you want your legs spread?” Becca asked, and I knew why.
“Damn sure,” I said. All I could think about was James acting as a stand-in for the erotic, silver-eyed Robert, the billionaire who would fantasize about me until he couldn’t stand it anymore and fuck me on his private beach.
I heard the metal stirrups being pulled up into place, and the chair jerked. My robe parted, and James hissed out a breath. “God, Sophie,” he said. “Fucking beautiful, that’s what you are.”
My legs went up into the stirrups, bent and spread wide. Fingers stroked down my pussy hair and dipped into my slit. “So wet, isn’t she?”

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