Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Daddy Hottest

Daddy Hottest
by Jade Bleu
Alternately released as Spring Break Seduction, a best friend's daddy title, so readers may choose their preferred style of enjoyment)
Short Fiction/Erotica/Taboo/Spanking/Anal Sex
(re-release of previous 2011 version)

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Spring Break Seduction:

Daddy found my sex toys while I was away at college! I was supposed to catch up on studying over Spring Break. Instead, my visit home brings my hottest, dirtiest fantasies to life—courtesy of Daddy Bill.


Our tongues met with a fury only years of pent-up need could unleash. My hand searched for the edge of his towel and yanked it off, and what sprang out was every bit as thick and impressive as the one he’d fucked me with a hundred times in my fantasies. I curled my fist around the hot shaft as he ran a hand along the back of my dress, disappearing beneath the fabric until he found my bare ass. Then I heard the growl I remembered, the sexy, animal groan that twisted around my spine. It undid me completely.
When he broke off the kiss, his eyes looked as wild as I felt. His fingers skimmed my ass cheeks as his breath came in ragged gasps. “Seems I haven’t been doing my job properly if I’ve got a stepdaughter running around with a wet pussy, no panties, and a box of very dirty toys even I’m not completely familiar with.”
The wet pussy in question tingled like crazy. “Maybe I should familiarize you with them, then.”
“I was thinking more like Daddy needs to give you a spanking.”
He reached behind him and fished around in the box. My mouth fell open at the paddle he extracted from it. “That isn’t mine,” I said.
His smile was both devious and sensual. “I may have added one or two things. I thought it might be a little surprise.”
I could barely speak. “Oh, I’m surprised.”
His expression turned mock stern. “Take off your dress and bend over the bed.”
I froze, gaping at him in shock.
“Now, baby girl.” The crack of the paddle as he brought it down over his palm made me blink and jerk into action.
With fumbling fingers, I pulled the dress I’d barely gotten on back over my head. He sucked in a breath as he took in my naked body with hungry eyes. Then I did as commanded, putting my hands flat on my patchwork quilt with my ass stuck out over the foot of the bed.
“Look at that hot, pretty pussy,” he said. “Fucked by who knows how many guys I don’t even know.”
The swat that hit my ass cheeks stung beautifully. “Jesus,” I said.
“That’s ‘Daddy Bill’ to you. Or ‘Sir’.” The long paddle came down on both cheeks again, and I felt heat flare like July fireworks.
“Yes, Daddy Bill.”
“Good. Do you have any idea the position you put me in, baby girl?”
“I know a few I’d like to put you in.”
Smack came the paddle, hard enough to shake my tits. “What?”
“I’m sorry, Sir.”

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