Friday, June 10, 2016

Bought by a Billionaire 2: Naughty Nadia on Display

Contemporary / multiple partners /exhibitionism / anal

I was put on an art pedestal in the naughtiest position imaginable!
It was my prodding—and my camera—that got my friend to sneak onto a billionaire’s estate and take pictures of him. After Jackson caught and punished her, he decided I deserved the same—but with a twist. I would be presented as part of his private art showing, with my back end and every other orifice fully occupied.

An erotic short featuring sex with a billionaire, exhibitionism, anal, and multipartner fun.


“Get on top of me,” he commanded, and it only took me a moment to know what he meant.
I eyed the statue warily.
“You wanted to fuck that stone cock the moment you saw it,” he said. “So do it.”
I couldn’t argue, but the idea was crazy.
“I’ll pay you ten thousand. Even if you should just be doing this as amends for setting Jen after me.”
That dollar amount rang in my ears as I turned to the sculpture. Jackson helped me hoist myself onto the platform and position myself, straddling the statue’s intense, marble face. Was I really about to do this? Ten thousand and my aching cunt suggested that I was.
“Fuck it with that hot, wet pussy,” Jackson ordered.
I lowered myself, the cold stone filling my cunt but not soothing the burn. It only made me want more. I drove my hips down, sitting on that cock, which stretched me like nothing ever had before. I sat there, my nipples aching and clit throbbing, while my head tipped back in delight.
Jackson came around front and regarded me.
“Perfection” he said. “You magnificent, hot bitch. Stay just like that.”
He snapped his fingers, and I heard a whooshing sound. I saw the curtains high on the wall were being drawn back. There was no bizarre art behind them, but a window—with people on the other side. It was an observation area.
I gasped and covered my breasts. Jackson yanked my arms away. “Don’t,” he warned. “Everyone up there appreciates the beauty of erotic art. And you are the loveliest creation in here.”
He massaged my breasts, and I began to relax, though I was still shooting glances up at the window. I saw my friend then, standing between two large, muscled men. She gave me a little wave and turned to tongue-kiss the bulkier of the two. Others stood motionless, staring down at me, and while a shiver of trepidation ran down my spine, I also felt a hot stab of pleasure. This was damn kinky, fucking a statue while people watched. Kinky and hot.

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