Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Daddy Werewolf

My Daddy Werewolf: Cherry
by Jade Bleu
Short Fiction / Erotica / Paranormal-Werewolf / Taboo
(Re-release of previous 2012 version)

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Cherry finds out what Daddy's been hiding, and his animal instinct gives her a hard ride!

Cherry’s suspicions that there’s more to her daddy than meets the eye are confirmed when she finds him passed out naked in the woods. What she hadn’t suspected was just how hard he’s been fighting off forbidden animal lust—and that their taboo passions are about to break free.
A taboo erotic werewolf short featuring characters 18 and older.


The hands gripping my shoulders yanked downward none too gently, taking the top of my dress with it. My braless breasts jumped free, the pink nipples already hard but stiffening more when the cool air and his hot stare hit them simultaneously. The glow in his eyes sharpened, and so did the arousal pulsing between my legs. I expected him to zero in on my tits then, kneading or sucking them. Instead, he reached down behind me to slide the back of my dress upward. When he found the bare flesh of my thighs, I gasped. His fingers trailed upward to find the naked globes of my ass, and he let out a growl that sent juices trickling from my damp pussy.
“No panties,” he said with the foreign rasp I remembered from that morning. “No wonder I can smell that sweet cunt so clearly. Naughty girl, teasing me like that.”
“Daddy,” I whispered as he kneaded each ass cheek firmly. I grabbed his shoulders to steady my rubber legs, but he shoved me against the wall again and took hold of my dress bodice, which was now around my waist. With a rather vicious, electrifying yank, he dragged it down until the red knit pooled at my feet. I stepped out of it, trembling as he groaned at the sight of me. I recalled my first look at him, lying naked and irresistible on the ground, and my eyes skimmed his body until I saw the pronounced ridge of his cock outlined along one leg of his jeans.
“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he said, frozen for a moment in what seemed to be awe.
Goose bumps prickled my skin under his gaze and words, sending a new rush of pleasure from my nipples to my clit. As arousing as seeing the man of my fantasies stunned at the mere sight of me was, my body rebelled at the lack of his touch. I’d suffered for so long that the last thing I wanted was to take our sweet time savoring the moment. I wanted the animal he promised to be. I needed him to drive the thick bulge in his pants straight up inside my cunt until I screamed.
I needn’t have worried.

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