Friday, July 15, 2016

Bred by a Billionaire: Candace 1

(also titled: Fertile for the Billionaire: Candace 1)

Contemporary / Breeding-Unprotected Creampie /Billionaire

Fertile stud got me good! When Brandon put his money on the table, I rolled in it while I let him breed his baby into me. The results were the hottest and weirdest sex ever. Part 1 of my knocked up adventure.


He was naked now, every inch tanned perfection, and he approached with his fertile balls swaying and his erection at full attention. I shimmied out of my underwear and left my fringed boots on, then put my hands flat on the money-covered table.
“I said bend,” he ordered. “Get that belly I’m going to fill flat down on the money you’re about to earn for it.”
Oh, shit, he was dead serious. I obeyed, smelling the aroma of printing press ink while I gave up my backside to him.
“Look at this sweet ass,” he said, giving me a firm, loud slap. “I’d fuck it if I wasn’t trying to breed you.”
The matching slap on my other cheek made me jump a little, sending some of the money I was literally rolling in skittering over the edge. “Any bills that hit the floor I get to keep,” he said. “So hold still.”
He used his knee to prod my thighs wide apart, fitting that large cockhead to my pussy hole. Then, Brandon didn’t hesitate. That long shaft filled me deep, then deeper, right up to my baby maker. He stayed that way a moment, pulsing inside me, my clit throbbing in response. I imagined his cream shooting against my womb, taking control of me, making him a father and me a wealthy, happy mama. I wriggled my ass against him.
Brandon took hold of my hips, his fingers digging into flesh as he began to breed me. He thrust like a race horse, fast, confident, with long strokes that took him way out to the tip before ramming me to the base and his large balls. Each hard fuck drove me higher up the table, but I made damn sure to flatten my arms out to keep any more money from going off the edges. His balls flipped up and bounced off my clit with his thrusts, my cunt getting wetter and slicker as I got closer to orgasm.
I moaned whorishly, wriggling my ass and giving away how close I was to letting my climax explode all over his hot dick. “You don’t get to orgasm yet,” he said, obviously realizing my plight. “Daddy comes first or the deal’s off.”
“Fuck,” I said, gritting my teeth.
His fingers dug into my fleshy hips, driving harder, his grunts longer and louder. But each thrust took me closer to the edge he didn’t want me going over yet, and I was in trouble.

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