Friday, July 22, 2016

Bred by a Billionaire: Candace 2

(also titled: Fertile for the Billionaire: Candace 2)

Contemporary / Breeding-Unprotected Creampie /Multipartner gangbang

Fertile stud has more in store! When Brandon bred his baby into me, I thought that was the end of the hottest, craziest sex I’d ever experienced…until the night he summoned me to show off—and share—my round, knocked up body with a group of wealthy men. Part 2 of my knocked up adventure.


He sat down, pulling me onto his lap, and thrust his tongue deep. His kiss immediately ignited a flame inside me that wasn’t entirely appropriate, considering the room full of well-wishing males. The situation got worse when I felt his cock harden against my ass through the thin silk.
“I’ve missed you,” he whispered as I tried not to wiggle on his lap. Then out loud, “Stand up and show them, Candace. Show them how fertile you are.”
“Get up and open your robe. I want everyone to see how beautiful the woman I bred is.”
The men seated themselves and fell silent, waiting. I looked around, not sure I was really awake. Was he serious?
“Do it now, darling. Do it and you’ll finally get that orgasm you’ve been craving for months.”
My heart skipped a beat. Proving just how fucking desperate I’d been for his touch, I got up on quivering legs and faced the men around the table, then pulled apart my robe. My breasts, heavier now, stood out, nipples permanently erect since Brandon had stuffed me with his sperm. My belly was big enough that I could no longer see my own pussy, but the men seated at the table obviously could. Their eyes took in all of me, everyone one of them glowing in appreciation. The goose bumps that had risen out of nervousness turned to shivers of pleasure. Yeah, I was fucking hot, and I knew it.
“Lie on your back, Candace,” Brandon said. “I have a reward for you.”
I sat my ass on the table, the silk of my robe making it easy to slide back across the mirror-like surface. Laying down put me in front of several of Brandon’s guests at once.
He pulled his chair up, setting my feet on the armrests with my knees bent. My pussy was right at the edge of the table. He leaned close, his face right there, his warm breath on the clit that was already starting to throb. Right there, in a room full of strange men, I was hot for my baby daddy to lick my pussy.
“By all means, gentlemen,” he said. “Feel free to dig in.”

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