Friday, August 26, 2016

Bred Hard by a Werewolf

Bred Hard by a Werewolf
(Also released as: Fertile and Willing for the Werewolf)
Jade Bleu

Paranormal-Shifter / Breeding-Unprotected Creampie / Rough Penetration

Marked and bred to sate a werewolf’s mating lust! I had no idea that the wolf who’d been sniffing around the cabin had sensed that I was desperate for a man’s touch—and that I was fertile and ready to be taken. But all that was about to change when the wolf turned into a man, a hot, gorgeous man with an animal’s unyielding, unforgiving needs.


He leaned in and sniffed my neck, a groan rumbling deep in his chest, and he ran his hands over my back and down to cup my ass. I couldn’t pretend my body didn’t respond. I felt my clit jolt awake with a hot, needy throb.
“I know what you need,” he said, “and leaving isn’t it. I’m going to give you what you crave right now—along with so much more.”
I didn’t get a chance to ask about the more part, because his fangs were lengthening as he spoke. He grabbed me and bit down on my shoulder, and I screamed. The pain was exquisite, sharp and fiery, and it washed over into the wildest arousal I’d ever felt. Leaving here to go home could get fucked. History lectures could get fucked. In that moment, everything in my entire life could get fucked—as long as I did too. Right then and there.
I clutched at his shoulders and ground myself against that hard cock, and he pulled away with a shudder. He pushed me onto the bank of the creek, got me down on all fours, and mounted my backside. He prodded my damp pussy with that wide cockhead. With a grunt, he shoved himself in, burying to the root, fucked my cunt doggy style. He slapped my ass hard over and over, his wet hand sliding over my dripping cheeks, while he fucked me.
“I’m going to fuck you pregnant,” he said, thrusting harder. “You’re my bitch, Rachel. My breeding mate.”
“What?” I twisted around to look back at him, but when he reached beneath me with both hands, one to pinch my nipples, the other to squeeze my clit, I arched and cried out. “Oh god, Bruce.” I remembered his name now. His cock had a clarifying affect. “Harder.”
He thrust harder, his balls slapping against my clit. “I smell how ready you are,” he said, his words broken up between pounding strokes. “How bad you want it. I smelled that you were fertile for me the minute I walked into that bar.”
This news should have unsettled me. Hell, it should have had me running for my life. But I couldn’t, because he was right. He’d marked me with his fangs and branded me with his long, thick rod, and I was his now. All I wanted was that cock to ram me hard, shooting me full of his seed.

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