Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Invaded by Aliens: Rachel

Invaded by Aliens: Rachel
by Jade Bleu

Sci-Fi / Multipartner / Gangbang / Tentacle penetration

When the aliens took me and hosed me down with salty white cream, I was terrified to think of what they would do with those long, groping appendages. Then he came in, the one with human as well as alien features, to probe me hard along with two more males just like him. Without the benefit of gravity, we went three-on-one where every orifice was stuffed with stinging tongues, tentacles, and pronged man parts in the wildest, most out-of-this-world sex I could ever have imagined. Now, all I want is more.

An erotic alien takeover story featuring anal invasion, multiple penetration, and pain play.


He stood beside me, letting more tentacles rise up, stretching out from his body to slide over each part of me. My arms and legs were stroked and tantalized with two more circled my breasts. His tail snaked between my thighs, prodding my slit.
I moaned as my clit began to throb, and I felt the wetness seep between my legs. God, he already had me so horny that all I could think about was getting that long, thick prick inside my cunt.
Without warning, his tongue lashed out. It was like the others, a slender, black tube with a forked end. He snapped it out like a lizard, flicking it against my nipple. A sharp sting accompanied the pleasure of his tough, and I gave a whimper of distress. The end of his tongue was covered by some kind of tiny hairs, prickly and sharp, similar to a cactus. They left behind a searing bite of pain, which he both coaxed and soothed with his tentacles and then, his hands. He squeezed my nipples, which were red and swelling from the stinging tongue lash, and stabs of pleasure shot down to my clit. That dirty, delicious tongue traced a line of stinging fire along my belly down into the thatch of hair between my legs, but he stopped short of attacking my pussy.
How deliciously it burned! I began to fight my restraints again, but for a very different purpose. I felt my face flush with heat, and I was desperate to pull him closer, get him on that table with me. I felt hot lust radiating outward from every spot he had touched with his tongue. I had to get fucked. I just had to.
“Very good,” he said. “You tolerate the stinging poison of my tongue pouch. We can proceed.”

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