Friday, September 2, 2016

Bound and Fertilized by My Pumpkin Patch

Bound and Fertilized by My Pumpkin Patch
Jade Bleu

Paranormal-Vine Play / Breeding-Unprotected Creampie / Rough Penetration / Double penetration /Anal/ Vine bondage / Spanking-punishment

My hot neighbor used his seed to fertilize my garden—and it fertilized me back! I’d only grown the pumpkin patch to impress Robert, the sexy guy next door, but I had no idea that he was planning something in return that I’d never forget. When harvest time came, so did I—after the vines held me in place and spanked me for my ulterior motives while Robert and my garden took turns filling me with fertile seed so I would bear fruit in the coming season.

An erotic short tale of paranormal bondage, vine play, and fertile fun featuring characters 18 years and older.

My wrists were captured by more of the narrow, but strong stems, snaking up my arms and pulling them apart. Other vines slid high up my thighs, the hairy leaves and thin tendrils grasping, groping, and prodding up toward my pussy. They vanished beneath my panties, and some of the larger vines joined in, tugging them hard.
“Robert!” I cried out again.
With a rip, the flimsy lace of my underwear gave way, and my bare pussy was exposed. Vines were moving higher, surrounding my waist, shoving up under my gown in search of my breasts. Stems surrounded the mounds and squeezed, lengthening them, hardening my nipples.
I was turned around and bent over, my arms roughly tugged down until I was lying over Big Daddy, my breasts pressed against the top. My bare ass was pointed up, and the obscene, wide stem poked out through the back of my legs.
“Help me!” I cried out, but I heard Robert then, moving through the pumpkin patch. The vines slid aside to let him pass, and he stood in front of me, putting a finger to his lips.
“Don’t scream,” he said. “Plants are highly susceptible to human emotion. Your garden is only responding to what you want, Mara. What I know you’ve wanted all along.”
I swallowed hard. “I don’t know what you mean.”
“You’re not being honest.” His bare cock, which was sticking straight out, jerked near my face. “Punish her for lying.”
The vines whipped out, slapping my tender ass with hard, stinging strokes. I yelped in pain, tears coming while I tried to jerk away from the hold the pumpkin patch had on me. More vines joined in, holding me tight.
“What is it you want?” he asked.
“Nothing!” I cried out.
“More,” he said.
I was whipped again, hairy leaves and narrow vines lashing out, leaving trails of fire across my ass, and I was sobbing and yanking my arms hard. Meanwhile, Robert stood in my eyeline, rubbing his stiff shaft in his fist.
“Tell me the truth.” He stroked that hard cock, and I couldn’t help it. I licked my lips.
“I want you,” I said. “I’ve been hoping you’d fuck me.”
“I know.” Plant vines now rubbed my sort, burning ass, leaves stroking me tenderly to soothe the burn. “You’ve been wanting me in your pants since the day I gave you these seedlings.”
“How is this happening?” I said, glancing around in shock. “Plants don’t come to life.”
“Plants are already alive.” He stepped closer, letting a leafy-headed vine nuzzle against his palm. Others slid over his taut belly and caressed his shaft and balls. “More alive than you’ve ever imagined.”

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