Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Daddy Werewolf 2: Faith

My Daddy Werewolf 2: Faith
by Jade Bleu
Short Fiction / Erotica / Paranormal-Werewolf / Taboo

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Daddy gets banged and bitten, and Faith gets the aggressive beast she's always wanted!

I was jealous that my best friend getting what we confessed wanting most—taboo relations with our hot fathers. When I found both our dads naked and writhing under a full moon, I feared my fantasy had been ruined forever by Daddy’s new sexual preference. Little did I know that my bestie’s dad had a secret, and that he had just turned mine into a creature with a forbidden animal lust that would soon surpass my wildest dreams.
An erotic taboo werewolf story featuring characters 18 years and older.


He laid a hand on my thigh, and I almost jumped out of my skin. “We’re both grownups now. There’s no need to act like we don’t know what’s going on here.”
“We don’t?”
“I realized last night that I’ve been such a tight ass around here. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. Sex isn’t something to be ashamed of. Yet I’ve always held back in order to be respectful of you. Because I helped raise you here in my house. I haven’t dated, haven’t slept with my door open. All to keep my proper distance from you and the subject of sex.”
His hand stroked upward, resting on the hem of my short skirt.
What was he trying to say? Was he about to tell me that I wasn’t the only one who wanted us to be more than “the guy who raised me” and “the girl my ex dumped me with?” Or was his fever making him delirious?
“In my dream, I was chasing someone in the woods,” he said. “That someone was you, Faith. And god help me, I wanted to catch you.”
He came at me again, and this time, the kiss was way south of fatherly. His tongue forced its way in, and hot stabs of need shot through my body. Every inch of my stiffened in utter shock, including my nipples, but my pussy gave away the truth. I felt the warm rush of heat, the juices seeping between my legs.
“God, you smell good,” he said, kissing downward, nibbling at my neck. I raised my head, giving him access, but giving a little yelp of surprise when he reached down and yanked apart the front of my blouse. Buttons went askew and my breasts spilled out.
His growl…there it was again. Deep, rumbling, and feral. My nipples hardened at the sound, and yet I found it unsettling. I wanted him to fuck me, had wanted it for years, but his behavior felt different. Wrong. Like he had lost control of animal urges.
Hot breath tantalized my hard nipples, and then closed his mouth over one, flicking it with his tongue, grazing it with his teeth. I cried out, holding his head. He bit down just slightly, moaned, and gave a shudder.
He pressed himself against me, his throbbing cock hot and straining on my thigh. Too hot. All of him was too hot, and I knew this wasn’t my stepfather seducing me. This was a stranger who was out of his mind.
“I’m not sure we should do this,” I said, pushing him back. I kicked myself mentally for the sudden burst of sanity.
“Do you want me?” he asked. “Just answer that one simple question.”
“Yes,” I admitted. “But you’re not…yourself.”
“To hell with who I was yesterday.”

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