Friday, August 12, 2016

Bred by a Billionaire Bundle


Contemporary / Breeding-Unprotected Creampie /Multipartner 

Fertile billionaires breed them hard! Four of Jade Bleu’s popular unprotected billionaire tales together in a bundle (in the oven) of rough and virile creampie fun. Includes Bred by a Billionaire: Jessica, Candace parts 1 and 2, and Virginia.

Excerpt from Bred by a Billionaire 3: Virginia:

The door opened, and Alan entered the room wearing a silk bathrobe. I gasped out loud, and not because his cock led the way, jutting out long and proud. Alan wasn’t alone.
“What the hell is this?” I asked, tugging against the soft, satin ropes tying me to the canopy posts as four men filed in behind him.
“Help,” he said, stopping at the foot of the bed. Two guys lined up on either side of the mattress. “I did mention this during negotiations.”
Maybe he had, but admittedly, I’d been paying more attention to when and how the money would be handed over and what he’d do about the baby if he succeeded. He’d told me he had specific theories on how to get me pregnant, weird stuff like his belief that my name was a good omen—Virginia the virgin. Then there was the required weeks of no-orgasm masturbating and some special vitamin supplements. It had all been rather eccentric, but I hadn’t thought to listen for any mention that cocks other than his own would be used for the job.
“They won’t be fucking you,” he said, and his robe slipped to the floor behind him. “Your virgin pussy is for me alone.”
“Then what are they doing here?” I asked, suddenly wishing I wasn’t quite so naked. And my legs were spread enough to where everyone could see how turned on I was. Still, I couldn’t help but eye every inch of Alan like a greedy slut. He was fucking gorgeous, rocked with sleek muscle. And his erection pointed straight out, ready to possess me. Audience or not, I was ready to let him.
“They’re here to watch and lend a hand,” he said, taking his dick in his fist as his gaze ran over my curves.
A normal girl would have backed out, what with all the other guys lending hands. Instead, I stared at that dick while my horny, unfulfilled pussy throbbed and begged for it.
“You are so sexy,” he said, eying my snatch and round breasts. “So damned beautiful.” He nodded to the others. “Gentlemen, if you would please get her ready?”
Pants began hitting the floor, along with my jaw. Erections of various shapes and sizes sprang out, and the men wrapped their fists around the girths. Alan stood there at the foot of the bed, leaning against the post while lazily stroking his dick. The others climbed up on the oversized mattress, surrounding me.
“Relax, Virginia,” Alan said when I tensed up. “Give yourself to it.”
“I’ll try,” is all I could say.
Hands went to work, and I cried out, my back arching as palms cupped and kneaded my breasts while more ran along my thighs and stomach. My pussy was carefully and summarily avoided, but the rest of me was fair game. One man slid down and sucked my big toe into his mouth, his hot, wet tongue tackling it until I moaned. He licked up along my inner thigh, and I tried to spread my legs wider, bucking my hips in an invitation to put his mouth somewhere more interesting.

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