Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Invaded by Aliens: Susan

Invaded by Aliens: Susan
by Jade Bleu

Sci-Fi / Multipartner / Gangbang / Multiple penetration/ Hentai-inspired Tentacle probing

Probed by aliens until I loved it! When the alien species gave a group of women a chance to run away from their long, groping appendages, I thought my track star background meant I was safe. Little did I know that they were seeking the fittest females to tolerate the relentless urges of three large, horny aliens. Winning the race earned me a trip to the mother ship, where I was restrained, sprayed down with some sort of warm cream, and probed by all sorts of bizarre anatomy in zero-g until I had been fully used and couldn’t move a muscle.

An erotic alien takeover story featuring probing, hot humanoids with large appendages, and characters 18 years and older.


They approached, surrounding me again, and one of them pushed a button on the wall. My feet suddenly went out from under me, or so it felt. I was in the air with the others, gravity sucked out of the room, and we floated together. The dark-haired humanoid soared up and offered his cock for a taste, and I flicked out, getting a mouthful of that salty cream first before making delicate flicks of my tongue along the individual fingers waving off the top of his shaft. What a bizarre sensation, giving a blowjob to a dick and fingers at the same time, but I did my best, sucking down over each digit, then ramming the whole thing in and bobbing my head up and down. He grabbed my head and groaned, thrusting his hips and grinding that weird, abnormal organ.
The others pressed in, rubbing themselves on me from both front and rear, their rubbery, cream-slicked flesh providing delicious friction on my breasts, ass, and mound. The men made clicking, throaty sounds and alien, feral growls as we writhed on each other. Tentacles crawled along my skin at different rates of speed, unique pulse beats inside each, providing a dirty massage that had my clit pounding for release. Appendages drove between my legs, probing my slit and parting my pussy lips while I let out muffled moans around the cock that was face-fucking me.
I released that shaft with a scream when something whipped out and stung me right between the legs. Hot fire spread across my clit, and I glanced down to see one of the aliens had a long, black tongue stuck out that resembled a narrow tube. It was like a little snake with a flat, prickly head, and those tiny barbs had flashed out and pierced the tender flesh along my slit. The sting burned bad at first, but it turned to a wicked pleasure that soon had me bucking and straining against my chains.
The alien I was giving a blow job to spun upside down in midair, thrusting his cock in my lips again while his tongue whipped out to attack one of my nipples. The white-haired alien, who had his cock in his fist, turned his attention to the other, and I was screaming in mixed agony and hard, exquisite lust as they stung me over and over. 

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