Friday, September 23, 2016

Invaded by Aliens: Mary

Invaded by Aliens: Mary
by Jade Bleu

Sci-Fi / Multipartner / Gangbang / Multiple penetration/ Hentai-inspired Tentacle probing / Anal / Rough Virgin Deflowering

The Alien Forces series continues!

I was innocent and untouched until I got grabbed and probed by aliens! When the invading alien species turned their sights on a new fetish—first timers, women were flocking to be deflowered before they could be snapped up and ravished. I didn’t make it in time. I found myself on a ship, strapped to a chair to be examined and indoctrinated in the ways of pleasure by three hard-bodied aliens and their exotic anatomy.

An erotic alien takeover story featuring hot humanoids with large appendages, probing and penetration in all orifices, and rough deflowering.


He opened his mouth, and a black, tubular tongue flicked out, licking the length of the silver cylinder in his hand. The end of his tongue was flat, like a spade, with hairs sticking out of it. He dabbed it right on the bullet-shaped tip of the device. The rest of his tongue glistened, leaving behind a wet glimmer on the phallus as he circled it like a snake. Still watching me, he withdrew his tongue and pressed the metallic dildo against my entrance. I sucked in a breath.
“This will hurt,” he said, pushing harder. “And not merely because you are about to be breached.” He flicked out his tongue. “I have applied a test dose of venom.”
“Wait!” I cried out, but it was too late. With a grunt, he thrust the cold metal deep in my pussy, sliding it in with ease. I felt it stretch me, gliding along the wet juices that proved I was more eager for this encounter than I had let myself believe. My virginity was taken with a sharp stab of pain, and my yelp echoed off the walls of the chamber. He pushed harder, a smile of victory on his lips, and I felt the tip press against my womb.
That’s when the actual pain began.

I squirmed in the chair, desperate to get away from the searing, burning sensation. But there was no escaping my own pussy. His venom stung like a scorpion, something I knew from experience. Fever blew through my body in a heartbeat, and sweat broke out on my forehead. Then, starting at that needle prick of pain where his poison had struck, a bloom of exquisite pleasure spread out. I stepped harder into the stirrups and arched my back, lust filling me. I shut my eyes as an innocent college girl and opened them as his virgin whore. I saw him watching my reaction closely.

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