Friday, September 16, 2016

My Daddy Werewolf 3: Joy

My Daddy Werewolf 3: Joy
by Jade Bleu
Short Fiction / Erotica / Paranormal-Werewolf / Taboo

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 Daddy finally gives it to Joy—and he’s so out of control that he almost turns her into a beast!

I didn’t know the two naked men who were outside my window while I was jilling off to a taboo fantasy, but when Daddy came home acting really weird, I was about to find out. He replaced my big rubber dildo with the real thing, giving me a hard, out of control ride while he changed into something unnatural. Something so animal he was about to change me into one too. Then his naked pack mates showed up to keep him from biting me—but they had no intention of stopping him from claiming me in other hot, desperate ways that I’d never forget.

 An erotic taboo werewolf story featuring characters 18 years and older…


To my shock, Dad wandered over, drove his hand beneath the covers, and came up with the object of my mortification before sitting beside me. He held the dildo out, inspecting it.
I put my head in my hands, covering my eyes. “Oh my god,” I said. “Can you please put that away? You’re not supposed to know I do things like that.”
His gaze ran over the length of the “natural, fully realistic shaft”, according to the ad that had sold me on it. “Do you do other things, Joy?” he asked quietly. He glanced at me. “Do you do other guys?”
I wondered what he meant by “other” guys. I shook my head. “No, Daddy. Not for a while.” I cleared my throat and shot a glance at the evidence. “That’s why I have, uh, personal toys. Can you just pretend you don’t know about it?”
He shook his head. “I don’t think so. I’ve known about it for a while.”
My mouth fell open.
“Don’t be embarrassed,” he said, wrapping his fist around the thick rubber. “I found it when I was changing your sheets.”
“I’m not embarrassed. I’m completely freaked.”
He stared at the dong like it held the secrets to the universe. “I hear you, sometimes, when it’s late. And I can’t help but wonder whether this is what you’re using.”
My stomach dropped, and I don’t know why, but the words tumbled out of my mouth before I realized it. “I hear you too. Last night, for instance. You were louder than usual.”
There was a pause upon hearing my confession. “I haven’t been myself the past couple of days,” he said. “The fever. The hunger. Something’s happening to me, Baby Doll. And I don’t think I can fight it.”
He gazed up at me, and I wondered what he was referring to. I heard a low rumble, deep in his chest, and I realized he was growling. His eyes lit up, gleaming gold spots in his brown irises, and a weighted atmosphere settled around us. It was desire, a thick layer of need that pulled us together.
“You aren’t wearing panties,” he said, and my heart began pounding. “I could tell the minute I walked in.”
“You saw?” I asked, tugging the hem down.
“I can smell you. You’re wet. You need a hard cock inside you, don’t you, Baby Doll?”
Before I could stammer out an answer, he pushed me onto my back. I cried out, but he muffled the sound with his lips. With my mouth already open, he thrust his tongue inside, swirling it around mine, tasting of beer and sexy, horny male. I groaned and slid a hand around his neck, pulling him closer, meeting each sweep of his tongue.
His hand went straight between my legs, and he groaned when he found out he was right about me being naked and soaking wet beneath my nightshirt. Clint fingered my hard bud with an expert touch, sliding down along my slick, throbbing channel.
“Jesus,” he said. “Have you had any idea how hard it’s been, knowing you’ve had a fake dick hidden in your bed? How badly I wanted to confess that I knew about it?”
I grabbed hold of my sheets with an iron grip. “Why didn’t you?” I asked.
“Because it’s wrong. I shouldn’t be feeling these things.”

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