Friday, February 10, 2017

Bottoming for the Billionaire 1: Frannie's Bet

Bottoming for the Billionaire 1: Frannie's Bet
Contemporary/ BDSM: spanking-bondage/ Exhibition / Multipartner/ DP/ First anal / Creampie

I bet against a billionaire and he punished me for it! The whole thing was supposed to be a joke, me betting a friend that the sexy billionaire at the auction house wouldn’t win the bidding war. When my gamble didn’t pay off, losing meant I had to confess my bet to him on my knees and offer myself for punishment. I figured he would shoot me down, but instead he claimed a night of dominating me, where I would be publicly punished and ravished for betting against him.

An erotic short featuring bondage, spanking, first time rear entry, DP, and exhibition with multipartner oral.

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