Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Her Hot Alien Encounter #2: Cora

Her Hot Alien Encounter #2: Cora
by Jade Bleu
Sci-Fi / Multipartner / Virgin / Tentacle penetration / DP / Anal / Bukkake

Aliens claimed me in the middle of biology class! The innocent and untouched were being claimed, and I thought I wouldn’t be at risk if I got myself off in class rather than being caught indulging alone. But one minute I was squirming in my seat, the next I was aboard their ship. Several creatures used their talents and juices to probe and deflower me, unlocking insatiable urges I’ll never be able to quench.

An erotic alien takeover story featuring multipartner DP, first time pleasure, surprise anal, BJ, and alien bukkake. 

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