Friday, May 13, 2016

The Billionaires' Wet Nurse 3: Served by Sarah

The Billionaires' Wet Nurse 3: Served by Sarah
Milkmaids Make Out Vol 3
by Jade Bleu

Contemporary / lactation / billionaire/ MILF

An erotic lactation short story…

He made my milk leak right in front of him! Serving drinks was my job, but on the night of the billionaire’s swank party, I was having a crappy time of it. Then I ran right into him—the wealthy host who was hot enough to let my milk down on the spot. I was mortified as hell when he saw my wet blouse and bulging breasts, but then he offered me a weekend job—be his personal milk MILF, serving him a different kind of drink, hot and fresh from the source.

An erotic short featuring hucow creamy treats and sex with a hot billionaire.


“I’m going to milk you,” baby,” he said, his wet hands sliding over my plump nipples. “You want relief, don’t you?”
“Yes,” I whispered. “God, yes.”
He kneaded my breasts, pulling downward, tugging my nipples like a farmer with his best dairy cow. The first few attempts did nothing except drive my pussy insane with need, and I arched my hips on him as I half sat, half floated on his lap. The water was rising fast, pouring like a river from the wide mouth of the waterfall spigot, and now my long hair was getting as wet as I was between my legs.
He moaned and pinched my sensitive buds hard, and I tossed my head back with a cry. The tingles began, his expert touch and smoldering sex offering plenty enough stimulation to let my milk down with herculean force. Streams shot out, catching him in the chest and throat, and he bent over with a greedy growl, letting it spray his face.
Tyler opened his mouth, thrusting his hips up while he let milk in, swallowing with inhuman sounds, and then mashing his face to my breast. He suckled me deep, his tongue flicking around like a dragon tail as I served him mother’s finest straight from the source.
I was squirming on his lap like a wild thing myself, my pussy throbbing for hot cock. He gave it to me, grabbing my ass cheeks while I found his long, thick rod and shoved it against my entrance. I sat down, feeling that wide knob impale me, and I moaned like a whore while I bounced on that giant dick. He had trouble milking my tits with my animal gyrations, but he got hold and squeezed them, draining me of my cream, licking and nipping and biting while they bounced enough to hurt as I rode him.

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