Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On Fire for Daddy

On Fire for Daddy
by Jade Bleu
Short Fiction / Erotica / Contemporary / Taboo / Multi-partner
(re-release of previous 2011 version)

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Andrea is stunned--and incredibly ready--when her stepbrother blackmails her into screwing him so he won't tell Mom how she set her bedroom on fire. As hot as big brother sex can be, however, it can't hold a candle to what's in store when her stepdaddy joins in to deliver his own brand of erotic discipline.


His lean hips ground against me as he thrust hard and fast, drilling me like he was about to strike oil. His beautiful face was contorted in what almost looked like pain, and I knew he was struggling to keep his pleasure silent. That stiff dick slid in and out of my sopping wet cunt, driving me wild with the need to tell him exactly what I wanted, exactly what he was doing to me. My nipples throbbed for attention, but he was too busy jamming me with desperate strokes that were hard enough to make my tits bounce and my head to slide closer to the headboard with every thrust. I held onto that headboard for dear life, keeping it safely away from the wall while reveling in the pressure building behind my tingling clit. Orgasm was so close, and I gritted my teeth to prepare for it.
Then Terry stiffened, his eyes squinted tight and mouth open in a silent cry as he came. The second he was over the top, the bastard pulled out of me, riding out the wave while I was left aching and desperate for release. I tried to wait patiently for a moment, thinking maybe he just wanted to make double sure there was no chance of condom failure. When his face relaxed, however, he sat back and looked down at me with the smartass grin that told me I’d been had—in more ways than one.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” I said in a whisper-shout. “You’re going to leave me like this?”
The grin widened into a white smile. “Consider that fair punishment for me getting kicked out of my room to the couch so the family princess could have her ‘privacy’.”
I sat up, nostrils flaring as I searched around for the tank top I’d flung who knew where. “You cold-hearted prick.”
“Wow, you really get pissed when you don’t get off. Want to tell on me? Want to tattle about Big Brother being mean to you?”
“Fuck you.”
“Go ahead,” he said, tossing his milky, spent condom in the garbage. His cock, I noticed, hadn’t deflated entirely. He was half-erect again, obviously getting off on my predicament. It bobbed as he walked, and I saw his white, tight ass twitch provocatively as he crossed the room. God, how I wanted to slap the shit out of those creamy globes until they glowed beet red, though the thought didn’t exactly ease the pounding ache in my cunt.
He stopped at the door, and I came out of my hot irritation enough to wonder if he was seriously going to stroll right out of his room stark naked. He paused to turn toward me with a wink. “You want to tattle on me, Andrea? Go ahead. Tell him how bad I was for you.”
Before I could stammer a reply, he flipped the lock and yanked the door open. My jaw fell open and I scrambled to cover my front with my shirt when I saw my stepfather in the doorway.
“Oh, my God,” I muttered under my breath as he strode in, his expression all business. “This isn’t what it looks like.”
“Save it. I heard the whole thing.”

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