Friday, August 19, 2016

Bred by a Billionaire 4: Angela

(also titled: Fertile for the Billionaire 4: Angela)

Contemporary / Breeding-Unprotected Creampie /Multipartner 

The billionaire breeding series continues!

Fertile billionaire’s wicked plan succeeded! Fredrick had a hunger to breed that he wanted an angel to quench—and while I might have had a devilish side, I was just the woman to let him fill me with his seed. I had no idea that the big moment he put his baby in me would be fodder for paparazzi—and that they were part of his plan to help get me off, as well as to let the world know what a virile stud he was.


“Sit on my cock,” he ordered.
Like he even had to ask.
I shimmied out of my panties, which joined the bra on the floor, and I climbed onto his lap. That cock pressed against his belly, a hot snake pulsing and writhing between us. I lifted myself, took hold of that long, pulsing shaft, and put it against my cunt. I was already dripping for him, despite the attention he’d deprived my lower half. No matter. My pussy was about to take its fill, in more ways than one.
His dark eyes held mine while I lowered myself. I tried to make the moment last, easing my pussy down just a centimeter at a time, but Fredrick had other plans. He let out an impatient growl, took hold of my hips, and forced me down while jamming his hips upward.
I was impaled by stiff, wide dick, and I cried out, my nails sinking into his shoulders while I tried to steady myself. He was so huge, and I wasn’t used to having such an enormous cock inside me. I needed time to adjust. But he wasn’t going to give it to me. He’d waited long enough.
He made me ride him, his fingers tightening possessively, forcefully over my ripe hips, rocking me up and down. I helped as best I could, barely able to breathe, moaning every time I bottomed out with his leaking cock head invading my womb.
“Just one more thing,” he said, his skin glistening with sweat.
Windows slid downward, letting in cool, fresh air and light. —and light bulbs began popping off.
I blinked in shock, pressing myself to Fredrick to hide my breasts.
“Oh god!” I exclaimed. “Close the windows, quick!
He grabbed my chin and turned my face to his “You signed a statement consenting to being photographed, remember?” he asked, his expression serious. I felt his dick still pulsing inside me, and he moved his hips to show he wasn’t the slightest bit thwarted by the arrival of paparazzi.
“I did?” I said. “Well yeah, I did. But, I mean, now?”
“Yes. Now.”
He shifted his hips, grinding them so his cock rotated inside me. My eyes fluttered, and I loosened my hold on him—somewhat. The press hadn’t happened to find him. He had arranged to have them take pictures. How bizarre. But then, I wasn’t about to give up half a million dollars over a sudden attack of shyness.

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